Steven Michael Selzer

After growing up in Plainfield, New Jersey and receiving both his bachelor’s degree and law degree from George Washington University, Steven Selzer practiced law in Maryland for over forty years.


During this time he authored three books—Life’s Little Relaxation Book, By George: Mr. Washington’s Guide to Civility Today, and Meet the Real Joe Black—and received the David J. Hjortsberg Award for civility and professionalism from the Maryland State Bar Association in 2001.


Since retiring in 2015, Steven spends his time volunteering, keeping up with his five grandchildren, laughing at himself, and speaking to school systems, civic organizations, business and professional companies and associations, educational institutions, national fraternities and sororities, and non-profit and commercial companies, on the subject of civility. This book is an updated and major revision of his book on civility, By George, published nineteen years ago. He lives in Frederick, Maryland with his wife Adrianne and rescued standard poodle, Chloe.